Public transportation breaks the inequality cycle

The guys over at the New Jersey Institute of Technology in America are doing great work in terms of research for mobility and sustainable transportation – particularly looking at the public sector. What relevance can first world US graduates’ research have for us, you ask? Well, one of their latest research infographics focuses […]

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Amazon could change the state of our trains

Sometimes we think that part and parcel of living in a developing country is infrastructure and transport that isn’t always up to the same standard as first world stuff. But what if times they are a’changing?

Business Insider recently had a fascinating article about Amazon drone research and what it means for train maintenance. […]

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Three things we’d really like to see on SA’s trains

Happy new week, GoMetropolitans!

Cape Town is fairly unique in South Africa for its wide-spread, functional railway service that stretches throughout the city and all the way out to Sea Point. Up in Johannesburg, the Gautrain is unique too in its upmarket, first-class rail experience.

But what if these could be better? We’ve been thinking about […]

Six reasons South Africa may not be ready for self driving cars

With Google and Uber’s self driving vehicles tearing up tracks for some time now and Daimler and BMW combining their car-sharing services DriveNow and Car2Go, it seems self driving cars are going ahead. Even VW is getting in on it now. But what about here in South Africa?

We love innovation, but self driving innovation […]

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Five ways to walk the talk… to work

Last week we spoke about the benefits of walking to work (it’s a great post, though we say so ourselves, read it here) and probably had a lot of you thinking: ‘yeah but that’s just not feasible for my lifestyle’.

Well, because lifestyles vary but also because literally everyone benefits from a little exercise […]

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A healthier commute: benefits you haven’t thought of

We know the basic reasons that cycling or walking to work can benefit you, like lower cholesterol levels, saving the environment and being able to fit into your skinny jeans. But old habits die hard and for many the idea of including exercise into the commute sounds inconvenient, late-making and sweaty. Yet these downsides […]

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‘Meaningful mobility’ and what it should mean

Happenings in Johannesburg on 4 June have led us to our new favourite buzzword: ‘meaningful mobility’.

It was said by during a presentation to South Africa’s Competition Commission leadership by transport analyst Paul Browning on the 4th as part of an official enquiry into the country’s land-based public passenger transport market, focussing on […]

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GoMetro’s CEO on Tunisia

Good morning GoMetropolitans!

In the interest of our international kick lately, exploring all the far-away places GoMetro is helping to improve transport-wise, we bring you a post today on Tunisia direct from our CEO Justin Coetzee.

Why Tunisia? Smaller than SA, Tunisia and Tunis in particular share many of the same issues South African transport and […]

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