Mission possible: put away parking lots

Recently, GoMetro was lucky enough to be featured in Real Estate Investor magazine for some of our pioneering ideas on better traffic and quality of life with less, not more, parking spaces.

It’s as the Counting Crows said it: you pave paradise, and put up a parking lot. But there’s another […]

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Introducing GoMetro API, SA’s largest public transport database

GoMetro announced that they will be releasing all the public transport data that have been collected across the country and abroad – now introducing: GoMetro API, South Africa’s first comprehensible public transport data.

On Wednesday 15 Feb – GoMetro’s CEO, Justin Coetzee announced that GoMetro will be releasing the data that has been collected in the […]

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GoMetro celebrates Transport month by catering more services to public transport users

Since 2005, South Africa annually notes October as Transport Month. South African government is taking part in making sure that people are safe on the roads and remain responsible for the safety for all, GoMetro focuses on giving the people information as it happens, with our wide range of services.

On the first of every October, […]

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