Mobility saving the planet – Germany, you’re doing it right

It’s just been EU Green Cities week over in Europe and so, this week, we thought we’d honour a comrade in mobility who is doing great things in improving the way folks move: Germany.

The Munich Transport Company in Germany, a municipal public transport operative, announced last week that they are launching a public ridesharing […]

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Guest post: Exploring mobility as a service in emerging markets

Here at GoMetro, we’re blessed with some amazing engineers to keep us on the forefront of mobility. Today’s post is by Nigel Zhuwaki, GoMetro’s in-house Transport Planner. He’s here to tell us about the engineering side to a rather multi-faceted mobility coin based on his international experience. Read on!

The […]

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Seven cities we’d love to see transformed with GoMetro Pro

It’s been one week since our big day, since GoMetro launched the app that could change the way people move worldwide – and still the excitement lives on.

For those who have been under a rock, on 15 May GoMetro announced it is partnering with international technology distribution and development firm, GMG Technology, domiciled in […]

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Questions we need to ask about urban mobility now

The Mobility Centre for Africa held its 4th Future Mobility Roundtable earlier this month in Ekurhuleni, South Africa, once again bringing the growth industry of mobility into the spotlight. Among the things discussed there, in the home of OR Tambo airport, were smart airport cities, ride-sharing and innovative ways to provide mass transit systems […]

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Are you ready for April, GoMetropolitans?

April is going to be a good one for SA as far as innovation in mobility is concerned… All the public holidays don’t seem to be slowing us down one bit.

Get ready for flx

GoMetro is geared up and excited to launch GoMetro flx, our new ridesharing mobility solution, with the people of Cape Town […]

Why flexible mobility is awesome for the planet

Perhaps one of the most sobering things we’ve taken out of the drought in Cape Town is that you simply can’t live your best life without nature living its best life too. In fact, out of respect for what Capetonian corporates are going through with water restrictions, we delayed our hotly anticipated Gometro […]

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Be safe as taxi violence rages on

Autumn is here, and with it there seems to be a rise in the tensions between metered taxis and newer innovations like ride sharing apps, Uber and the like.

It’s a sad situation, as GoMetro largely believes its unnecessary. GoMetro CEO Justin Coetzee has partnered with and been open with taxi drivers, taxi ranks and […]

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