Fulfilling a mandate set by the founders, GoMetro aims to improve the commuting experience in more ways than simply access to transit data. In partnership with graylink, a leading provider of cloud-based recruitment software, GoMetro Jobs offers advertisers with access to more than 500 000 national monthly users. Searchable by region, GoMetro Jobs provides commuters with regularly updated jobs,direct from top employers like Discovery, Shoprite, Mercedes Benz, Telkom and Woolworths. We are very excited to bring this new service to the platform. We know our commuters are active mobile users while in transit and many are looking or know friends and family who are looking for meaningful employment. So we’ve partnered with one of the best in the industry to bring this new service to our community.

Mark Gray, CEO of graylink added, “With the growing volume of users on the GoMetro platform and considering their very sought-after audience profile, we believe we have partnered with the perfect publisher to launch this new service. Many of our existing clients are targeting this LSM 4 – 7 commuter and GoMetro delivers volume consistently.” This unique service allows commuters to either apply directly from their mobile phones or forward the job-advert to their e-mail addresses. Advertisers can post jobs directly onto the GoMetro Jobs website with a number of affordable payment options available.

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