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Collect transport network data in
emerging markets using our app

Supply, meet Demand

Measure demand and estimate
revenue and business value of
paratransit operations

Digitise your data

Cross the gap from manual traffic
counting to real-time information

Bus Contract Monitoring

Verify bus operations, equipment or competing
services with our independent measurement
mobile application for field inspectors and
passengers to map and submit reports

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Vehicle Travel Hours
Passenger Travel Hours

Mobile Mapping App

Collect operational data
on the ground

Our mobile application allows field collectors to quickly and easily collect the following information: trips, duration, distance, stops, passenger counts, passenger demographics and revenue.

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Web Based Data Management Platform

The data is automatically uploaded into our project management platform and converted to a GTFS standard algorithm. Machine learning techniques work on the geospatial, network and data layers, allowing for data cleaning and processing. The analysis includes passenger transit patterns and network characteristics. These can be visualised and supported in an interactive visualisation environment.

What does the Data Manager system do?

  • Design a Study: Set the Project Objectives and track KPIs of project delivery.
  • Operate and manage a Study: Load devices and check usage.
  • Process Data: Ensure accurate Quality Assurance.
  • Reports and graphs per vehicle or collective: Reports.
  • View results on map: Maps.
  • Export Data: Outputs to third-party software.
  • Set up a Passenger app: Data.
  • Set up an API: Data.
  • Provide real-time updates to passengers: Updater.

Case Studies

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Easy to use, adaptable and instant, GoMetro Pro provides real – time data
that helps cities, planners and operators to optimize their transport
networks efficiently.



Digitizing complex and chaotic informal transport systems on the ground

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As a service provider, we set out to survey the 527 routes in the learner transport scheme, using our tech. The surveys included recording all the
stops along a route where learners were picked up and dropped at their


Western Cape

Digitizing over 500 routes of the
Provincial Learner Transport Scheme

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When the University of Pretoria needed to monitor their student
transport performance, they turned to the GoMetro Pro connected
mobility platform, designed to improve the movement of staff, students
and the public within a defined and known pairing of demand and supply.



Monitoring student transport

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Key benefits

Speed up your data collection process

Manage multiple projects

Visualise and export all trips

Dedicated account manager for support and assistance

Who GoMetro Pro is for

Transport Planners

For the development of transport registers – Current Public Transport Record and Network Definition. Import into any transport modelling package. Transport Regulators can collect and analyse operations, evaluate new supply, understand operator business cases or levels of affectedness. Infrastructure planners can assess infrastructure adequacy in rank and link.

Transport Operators

Inspection, Calibration of ticketing and tracking equipment, Spot-check of routes and operations to check the actual to the planned, Customer confirmation of service delivery, assessment of quality to develop operational plans and considerations, reports and maps, demand study.

Private Sector

Developers & Planners design and accommodate public transport, bank finance and mapping companies.

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